What are the precautions of solar rechargeable standing fan in charging fashion network

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2022-08-09 16:23

Solar rechargeable standing fans have been widely used in daily life, so do you know what are the precautions for solar rechargeable standing fans in charging fashion network? Let's take you to find out.
1. In order to ensure the battery life, when the lighting of the product is obviously dimmed during use, please stop using it and charge it in time.
2. Do not touch the solar rechargeable standing fan product during use to avoid danger.
3. The product should not be charged for more than 20 hours.
4. If it has not been used for a long time, please charge the product every two months.
5. Please operate in strict accordance with the requirements and precautions of the instructions for use, and do not disassemble at will. The company will not be responsible for any adverse consequences caused by illegal operations.
6. Do not use it during electric charging, so as not to burn the power supply or the internal components of the power supply.
7. During the rotation of the solar rechargeable standing fan, please do not put your fingers or hard objects into the fan blades to prevent the fan from rotating, so as not to damage the internal parts.
The notes about solar rechargeable standing fan in charging fashion network are introduced here today, I hope it can help you.