Principle of Reflector solar led floodlight

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2022-07-28 14:13

The principle of Reflector solar led floodlight is to integrate high-efficiency solar panels, ultra-long-life lithium batteries, high-efficiency LEDs, intelligent controllers, PIR human body induction modules, anti-theft device brackets, etc. Outdoor lights.

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Reflector solar led floodlight perfectly fulfills various functional requirements such as low power consumption, high brightness, long life, digital protection, and excellent waterproof and heat dissipation characteristics. The advantage of Reflector solar led floodlight is that the installation is simple and the weight is simple, which saves customers the expensive installation and regulation, as well as the transportation cost of the product.
Generally, it only takes two workers and a special wrench to complete the installation in 5-10 minutes without the use of heavy equipment and tools. Reflector solar led floodlight manufacturers tell you what are the advantages of the product, please see the following: integrated planning, make full use of solar energy resources, compact, fashionable, simple, extremely convenient installation, lamp posts are adapted to local conditions, only need to use 4 screws to clamp the hoop And the product can be fixed on the outdoor wall, light pole, and tree trunk that can bask in sunlight.
Reflector solar led floodlight manufacturers tell you that the lighting uses new environmental protection components, aviation-grade aluminum anode sandblasting treatment, green environmental protection and no pollution; environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate lithium battery, long life, 6 hours of charging can be used for continuous lighting for 5 days; high power High brightness LED, no light decay, no flicker, no radiation; choose solar power, green power, low carbon and environmental protection, invent green earth, start from me.