Solar rechargeable stand fan how to clean and maintain

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2023-05-31 11:51

Since the solar rechargeable stand fan is irradiated by sunlight, and the light energy is converted into electrical energy to make the blades of the solar fan rotate to generate a certain amount of air volume, so the blades of the solar fan can rotate, and the solar rechargeable stand fan The main function of the solar fan is to accept the sunlight and release the light energy in the semiconductor inside the solar fan.

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solar rechargeable stand fan cleaning and maintenance:
1. Try not to put the solar rechargeable stand fan in the sun. If it is connected to the power supply and used normally, it must be kept away from other household appliances.
2. You can use a semi-wet rag to wipe the surface of the solar fan, and wipe every corner and corner clean, so as not to accumulate too much dust and affect the normal use of the solar fan.
3. Usually, when the solar fan is not in use, it should be covered with a solar fan cover, and placed in a place where the sun cannot shine. With the protection of the solar fan cover, dust will not enter the solar fan, which is better The solar fan and motor are protected.
4. When using the solar rechargeable stand fan, try not to touch the water. If water splashes on the solar fan, the power will be cut off, and it will be very unsafe.