Color changing solar rgb flood light manufacturers take you to understand the illumination form of floodlights

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2023-05-31 11:49

The manufacturer of Color changing solar rgb flood light tells you that many friends can't tell the difference between floodlights and floodlights when they are in contact with LED equipment, and they have troubles in communication and docking. In fact, generally speaking, there are obvious differences between floodlights and floodlights in terms of illumination form, illumination angle, and usage scenarios. Interested friends can distinguish floodlights and floodlights from the following three aspects.

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First, the form of exposure is different. The illumination form of the floodlight is diffuse, and it is a "point light source" that can illuminate evenly in all directions. Can be used to light an entire scene. The floodlight has a concentrating effect and can project a highly directional beam. The manufacturer of Color changing solar rgb flood light tells you that when the quality-guaranteed flood light is turned on, its light will direct to the specified direction, which can produce very bright highlights and sharp lines, dark shadows.
Secondly, the width of the irradiation angle is different. The irradiation angle of the floodlight cannot be adjusted, so no matter what kind of floodlight you buy for use, although you can adjust the irradiation range arbitrarily after lighting it up, it will spread around the center of the lamp itself. The projection angle of the lamp can be selected according to actual requirements, and usually any angle can be selected within 180°.
Furthermore, the scenarios used are different. Because floodlights can produce diffused light sources in a large area, if multiple floodlights are used in combination, they can provide a high-brightness diffused light source for the studio. At the same time, billboards, roads, railway tunnels, bridges, squares, buildings, etc. are also within the main scope of application. Color changing solar rgb flood light manufacturers tell you that due to reliable quality and high cost performance, flood lights are usually used for lighting in buildings, squares, flower beds and parks, etc., which can make the outlines of these buildings clearer at night and thus Increases the aesthetics of towns at night.
The manufacturer of Color changing solar rgb flood light tells you that with the improvement of living standards and the improvement of health awareness, many cities, especially tourist cities, will avoid light pollution. Landscape lighting must not only be bright and beautiful, but also healthy and comfortable. In most cases, people pay more and more attention to the comprehensive use of healthy and efficient floodlights, spotlights and other lamps, so as to ensure that the overall lighting is soft, sharp and clear, and at the same time it can be convenient, comfortable and comfortable for living. When you are traveling during the holidays, you can easily distinguish between floodlights and spotlights by applying the above 3 points and applying what you have learned.